What we do

Investing Education Social


Investing is BRIKS at its core. At BRIKS you learn and participate from day one, as you will get the opportunity to become a shareholder and test your own analysis against the critical minds of the sharpest of peers. With an experienced network BRIKS offers a unique environment to learn about value investing at a pace not possible otherwise.

The portfolio of BRIKS is selected through value investing analysis. This sort of analysis is performed and mastered by all our members. At BRIKS we invest in undervalued stocks and follow up on a regular basis to refine our positions. In the process each shareholder is given equal weight and equal profit. This ensures that new members are involved to the fullest from the start and can learn investment tools and skills from more experienced BRIKS shareholders.


BRIKS offers a pool of skills and knowledge, which we share with each other. First and foremost BRIKS will give you the tools and skills to analyse, present and debate investment opportunities. On a weekly basis several of these analysis are presented as well as the macroeconomic news and its impact on the markets.

As a member, you will get help and advice regarding your career. This relates to, but is not limited to, advice in career choices, creating the perfect curriculum vitae and cover letter and learning how to ace your interviews. Often you will be advised by these alumni that have already done a similar interview/applied for a similar position, so they can give you a well-suited preparation.


BRIKS consists of two branches, BRIKS Leuven and BRIKS Alumni. The first is a local branch based in Leuven run by students. BRIKS organises multiple of informal events to get to know your fellow BRIKS members and alumni. This includes networking dinners, weekends, barbecues, paint-ball sessions, karting, etc. You’ll meet inspiring, ambitious people whilst also having a good time.