Become a part of the BRIKS network

Selection procedure

BRIKS organises two recruiting periods each academic year: one in the beginning of October and one in the beginning of February. The applications are now closed. The procedure consists of four steps:

Each candidate has to submit an online application. Please pay special attention to your cover letter.
Candidates will receive a personal project that he/she has to complete in a one-week period. The project will consist of a basic company analysis and valuation. Each candidate will present its results to the current board and members of BRIKS.
Successful candidates will be invited for a telephone interview with a BRIKS Alumnus. The interview will be competency based and further questions on the candidate's personal project can be expected.
Successful candidates will receive an offer ultimately 7 days after their interview. Furthermore, each candidate will receive extensive feedback.

The acceptance of new investors is subject to an anonymous voting of all the shareholders. The voting is subject to a minimum acceptance threshold of 2/3rd of voting BRIKS members.

An investor is bestowed upon the following rights and duties:

  • Compulsory remittance of the minimum required entry funds to the value of 100 shares (circa 520 EUR)
  • Compulsory remittance of the required administrative fee of 25 EUR/semester

Candidate profile

BRIKS is a student organisation built on the belief that collaboration, excellence and integrity create the right environment for our members to prosper. As such, we are looking for highly motivated students who show resourcefulness, quick thinking and good communication skills.

Note that there are no requirements on age or background; we welcome all students with a common interest in finance. The only prerequisite is the availability of at least three semesters of attending our weekly meetings.

Investor Application

Applications are closed at this time.