Welcome to BRIKS

We are a student investment club in Leuven

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We are a network

BRIKS was founded in 2011 by four entrepreneurial engineering students and has as mission to bring ambitious students and investors together in order to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and contacts.

The club consists of two branches: BRIKS Leuven, a local branch based in Leuven run by students and BRIKS Alumni, an international branch run by professionals.

of ambitious students

BRIKS is actively looking for top students with exceptional academic or extracurricular track records. If you are looking for a challenge or an intellectually stimulating experience you’ll feel right at home.

By continuously helping and motivating each other, we make sure that we excel in what we do.

interested in finance

BRIKS Leuven offers opportunities to both experienced and novice students. We assemble every week to discuss the current portfolio, investment opportunities and asset allocation strategies.

In our opinion, performing real company valuations and pitching investment ideas to other BRIKS members during the weekly meetings is the best practice for a career in investment banking, private equity or sales & trading.

and consulting

Investing and strategy go hand in hand in the industry. Consequently, we are proud to help our members who relish a career in consulting. Our alumni are eager to do mock interviews with you for either internships or starting positions. We also organise an annual Strategy Bootcamp with Bain & Company.

What we do


BRIKS gives you the opportunity to become a shareholder and to get to know the key elements when considering an investment for our portfolio.


BRIKS offers a variety of events for you to get in touch with several companies and profiles, and to show your best in real-life assessments. Get your CV on top of the stack by networking and showing your skills.


BRIKS offers a pool of skills and knowledge, which we are more than happy to share with you. As a member, you will get help and advice regarding your career. Everything from advice in career choices, creating the perfect CV and cover letter to learning how to impress during interviews.


BRIKS organises a couple of informal events to get to know your fellow BRIKS members and alumni. This includes networking dinners, weekends, barbecues, paint-ball sessions, karting, etc. You’ll meet inspiring, ambitious people whilst also having a good time.


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Adriaan Storme

Although I was studying law at the time I joined BRIKS, I already knew I wanted to focus my career on finance. BRIKS helped me to change track and last year I got into HEC Paris, where I am currently studying a master in finance. This master is ranked no. 1 by the financial times. The BRIKS members encouraged me to build up financial skills from scratch, prepare better and finally deliver more. On the day of the interview last year, I even received a crucial update from two BRIKS alumni, studying at HEC, about the calling off of the Pfizer/Allergan merger I would talk about, which led to securing the admission.

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Lorin Roobrouck

As I am a finance student, the most important for me is that in BRIKS, you’re constantly surrounded with people that inspire you to step up your game. For me, this is the best motivation you can get. I became more ambitious and therefore now work harder to achieve my goals. BRIKS is and will be also a big part in achieving those goals. The experience and knowledge of the alumni team will help you to get you in the right spot with the right preparation to cease the opportunity.

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Mathieu Devos

Even after your university studies, you can rely on the strengths and values of BRIKS. Our large Alumni network characterized by a close friendship and a high diversity of industry experiences helped me to prepare for my next career move. Although many of our Alumni members are working abroad, each of them was willing to use some of its free time to assist me in attaining my goal. Their industry insights are extremely valuable and definitely helped me to make the right career decisions.

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Romain Boulanger

BRIKS had a tremendous impact on me as a person. I met super bright and resourceful people with whom I spent unforgettable moments and had exciting discussions. The club also provided me a tangible edge during my job search as members really took the time to review my application material and offered me precious tips and tricks to go serenely through recruitment processes. For all those reasons, I strongly encourage financially savvy students to get involved and shape their own BRIKS.

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Dieter De Ridder

Joining BRIKS was one of the best decisions I made during my time as a student. Not only did it foster my interest in investing and corporate finance by constantly being challenged by other driven and interested students, it also created friendships which I can rely on up to this day. Both my peers and the alumni network helped me extensively in pursuing a career in finance, all while having a lot of fun at the same time.

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